Ironfist mma youth martial artists

Here at Ironfist MMA our gym is small, but our sport is big. We enjoy the art and sport. We aim for the top. Our goal is to be the best. We train in Karate, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Zachary Ironfist white at Walter cascao seminar

This site is set up for Zachary Ironfist white and Ralphie the ninja white to get the word out for these boy's future of the mixed material arts world. They have their minds set on being in the UFC and being the champion, so please take a look and follow them through their MMA career. There is a donate button on the page, if it's possible, please feel free to do so. Thank You

zachary started off his mixed martial arts when he was only 7 years old with tang soo do karate by 9 he was loving the art and said I want to fight in the UFC so he took up not only karate but wrestling and bjj now  Zachary is just about 17 he is a black belt in karate and a yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu his goal is to be a champion of the UFC he is dedicated and focused on his Journey as he prepares for his Amateur mma career Zachary plans on making Ironfist a household name the Ironfist has plans of traveling to some of his favorite gyms around the us to get the training he needs to become the man on top Zachary has competed at many venues fighthard mma,so fly combat league,exiled mma,prime fs,and standup warriors

Ralphie like his brother started young doing tang soo do karate and as of right now he is a blue belt ralphie also is practicing bjj and want to fight on the big show someday ralphie is focused and loving the arts he does the ninja has battled at a few different venues around the state's prime fs,exiled mma,so fly combat league,standup warriors ralphie also competes in grappling and karate tournaments to sharpen his fighting skills the ninja favorite moves are the tornado kicks,and spinning back kick he is tiny but packs a punch

Zachary Ironfist white at Walter cascao seminar

martial arts is a way

of life

Ralphie the ninja white receiving a stripe on his belt

always stay humble in defeat or victory always. have respect for the art. adapt and over come all obstacles failure is never an option

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